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Mikeís Hot Spicy Food Recipes

Food at IKEA

cholula hot sauce IKEA has some pretty tasty and cheep food, even it if ainít hot and spicy. Just remember when you go to IKEA bring a bottle of Cholula or Siracha!

I went to IKEA on the 62 bus today. I was surprised! I though the place would be a big rip off, it wasnít.

IKEA is located just west of Priest Drive between Elliot Road and Warner Road. The exact address is

2110 W. IKEA Way
Tempe, AZ 85284
The hours on the web page say they open at 10:00 a.m., thatís true but the restaurant opens either an hour earlier. I should have went at 9 a.m.

On the second floor the restaurant has tasty low priced food. I got their 99Ę breakfast. It had lots of eggs, some potatoes and some bacon. It was worth the 99 cents, even after the city of Tempe and the state of Arizona shook me down for 8 more cents in tax making the total come to $1.07. I should have gotten a side order of potatoes or sausage for another buck. If I had brought a bottle of Cholula with me I would have covered the eggs and potatoes with it to spice them up.

I have seen a lot of statements in the newspaper where people swear by the food made at IKEA, particularly the Swedish Meat Balls. I should have stuck around and seen what the lunch menu was, but I didnít!

There was a long line in the restaurant but I didnít wait more then 2 or 3 minutes.

Also downstairs in their food section they had some tasty looking cold dips that came in tubes. I donít remember exactly but fish and cheese, fish and cream cheese dips and spreads that sounded rather tasty. The price was only $3 for a big tube. When I have a place to live I should come back and buy some of it. They also had some sugary sweet looking stuff even though I donít normally eat sweats that looked pretty good.

I though the place only sold over priced furniture. I was wrong on that. First of all the prices on all their stuff looked competitive, or perhaps even low. Second they donít just sell furniture. They sell all kinds of other stuff like cooking equipment, home furnishings and other stuff.

siracha hot sauce

Friends donít let friends buy spices at American grocery stores!

Mikeís Hot Spicy Food Recipes