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Cholula Hot Sauce

hot, hot siracha sauce!!! m!!!!!

KFC Hot Sauce - Kentucky Fried Chicken Hot Sauce - Damn good even it if it does have vinegar in it

cholua hot sauce - the hot spicy sauce with the wooden cap My favorite hot sauce is Cholula Hot Sauce. It is the hot sauce with the wooden cap.

Cholula Hot Sauce is made in Mexico. It is very hot and tasty and I drink it like water.

Kentucky Fried Chicken which now uses the alias KFC so people donít think their fried tasty food is fattening also puts out a damn good hot sauce. Even though it does have vinegar in it I still like it. The problem is that their packets of hot sauce are so damn small I have to waste my time opening 20 of them to eat one breast of chicken.

Long John Silvers also makes a damn good bottle of hot sauce to place on their fried fish. You can use it for free in their restaurant or buy a bottle to take home. It is very tasty, but like Cholula very over priced. I will snap a picture of the bottle next time I go there.

salsas amor - love hot sauce - a tasty sonoran hot sauce I also drink Tabasco Hot Sauce like it is made of water, but I donít like the vinegar taste of Tabasco Sauce.

Siracha Hot Chili Sauce is also damn good too. Much better then Tabasco Sauce. It is much hotter. Siracha is so thick that you might want to call it a chilli paste instead of a hot sauce I donít like the sugar in Siracha Sauce, but I still drink it like it is water.

Also there are a number of imported Mexican hot sauces that are just great when you canít find Cholula or are too cheep to pay the high price of Cholula! I should get some photos of those sauces and put them on this web page. McDonalds Buffalo Hot Sauce Long John Silvers Cajun Chef Louisiana Hot Sauce

When you don't have anything else tabasco sauce is damn good!

Mikeís Hot Spicy Food Recipes

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