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Mike’s Hot Spicy Food Recipes

Mike Roll - Hamburger Sushi

Miguel Roll - Chorizo Sushi

chopsticks My sister’s friends in Japan thought this was horrible “Hamburger Sushi”, but I though it was pretty good.

Make sushi with hamburger meat instead of using fish. Add lots of wasabi to make it hot. Well maybe add some Cholula chilli instead of wasabi to make a Mexican version, and some pico de gallo salsa to add some veggies to it. Or better yet use chorizo instead of hamburger. Mmmm! Mexican sushi!!!!

Sushi is just a Japanese version of a burrito. Instead of beans wrapped in a flour tortilla, sushi is a rice burrito wrapped in seaweed paper. And a pretty tasty rice burrito.

In my original testing I used Cheeze Whiz in the hamburger sushi. That sucked. It melted. But it may be rather tasty to add some cheese that doesn’t melt to this hamburger sushi. We will call this hamburger sushi a “Mike Roll” and the chorizo sushi a “Miguel Roll”.

Sushi is really easy to make. Even an idiot like me can make it.

For Mike’s weird sushi first you cook the meat. You can cook the hamburger or chorizo the normal way or cook it gram masala style or Mike’s chorizo style.

Next you cook the rice. You need to use short grain rice. That is because short grain rice is very sticky and makes the sushi roll stick together. If you use long grain rice like most Americans do your rolls of sushi will not stick together and will fall apart.

sushi rolling mat To roll the sushi you need a sushi mat. It helps you roll the sushi. You can buy a sushi rolling mat at any Japanese food store.

Place a sheet of sushi seaweed paper (nori) on the mat. You can get seaweed paper at any Japanese grocery store.

Then on one end of the seaweed paper place some cooked rice. Add the meat on top of that. And then use the mat to roll a big long role of sushi.

Last cut the big roll of sushi into several rolls of sushi. Because the short grained rice is so sticky it may cover your knife with goo. Use some rice vinegar to clean the goo off of the knife.

wasabi When you eat sushi people often have a bowl of soy sauce that they dip the sushi into. If you like spicy food you can mix wasabi with the soy sauce. Wasabi is a green form of horseradish that is real tasty and will make your nose run.

I eat my sushi with chopsticks. Yes it can be done. But if you don’t know how to use chopsticks eat the sushi with your fingers.

nori or sushi seaweed paper The green stuff is nori paper or seaweed paper that is used to roll up the sushi.


Friends don’t let friends buy spices at American grocery stores!

Mike’s Hot Spicy Food Recipes