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Chili Tepin

  Chile tepins or chili tepins are an Arizona thing, or perhaps a Sonoran Desert thing. At the time I discovered chile tepins they were the third hottest peppers in the world. Chile Habanero, which are also called Scotch Bonnet Peppers are the hottest peppers in the world. Some people say the Scotch Bonnet Peppers are the same as Chile Habaneros but some people disagree on that. Since those days a couple of peppers have claimed to be hotter than chili habaneros but I have stopped keeping track.

The local Indians call chile tepins Christmas peppers.

Chile tepins are small round red peppers about a forth of an inch in diameter. I grind them up in a blender.

In Phoenix and Tucson any major or minor grocery store will have a whole bunch of chili tepins for sale. They are in small packages of about a half or ounce or so for around a dollar or two for a pack of them.

I like cooking with chile tepins because they are very hot, and very cheap. While chile habaneros are hotter they are more expensive in the Phoenix area. Also chili tepins are dry and can be stored longer. While chili habaneros are fresh.

I will put a couple of packs of ground chile tepin peppers in a bottle of olive oil to make some olive oil that is hotter then krap. I use that in soups and other stuff I cook.

a package of chile tepin peppers

Mike’s Hot Spicy Food Recipes

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