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Mike’s Hot Spicy Food Recipes

A better Big Mac

A better Whopper

A better Big Breakfast

  McDonalds junk food As a die core hater of American food I try to avoid McDonald’s and Burger King as much as possible. But every once in a while you have to get something to eat and eating at Burger King or McDonald’s is the only alternative to starving to death. So what do you do?

siracha hot sauceI carry around a bottle of Siracha hot sauce in my car and when ever I am stuck at a McDonald’s or Burger King I use it to make their bland tasteless burgers hot and spicy.

Burger King junk food After ordering a Whopper or a Big Mac I cover both buns with Siracha hot sauce. Sure it’s worthless American junk food, but with the Siracha hot sauce it becomes hot and spicy worthless American junk food. Mmmm good!!!!

Also I do eat the Big Breakfasts at McDonald’s every once in a while. If you cover the eggs with Cholula Hot Sauce it actually makes them taste good! Mmmm…..

Last but not least McDonald’s has actually come up with a sauce that is hot and spicy. Hard to believe an American junk food place could do this. I believe it is called “Buffalo Hot Sauce”.

McDonalds Buffalo Hot SauceWhen I get a “Big and Tasty” which is anything but Big and Tasty, I will put a container of “Buffalo Sauce” on it to make it tasty. Also the “Buffalo Sauce” can be used to spice up a small order of fries.

It is interesting that in Tempe, the Latino employees of McDonalds and Burger King on Broadway Road between Hardy and Priest are always found on their lunch breaks at Filbertos? I wonder why? Is the food better at Filbertos? I think it is!

Long John Silvers Hot SauceAnd while we are on the subject of American junk food, let’s not forget Long John Silvers, they sell tasty junk fish food. Despite being an American junk food store they sell a damn good bottle of hot sauce, hot sauce that is ACTUALLY hot, and tasty, something which is usually an oxymoron in American food places.

I order 2 or 3 pieces of their greasy fried in oil fish and coat it with their hot sauce and vinegar and it is a damn tasty meal!

I believe Long John Silvers used to be called Author Treacher’s Fish and Chips, although I could be wrong, maybe I was on drugs that year?


Friends don’t let friends buy spices at American grocery stores!

Mike’s Hot Spicy Food Recipes